Shiny Bright English Ceilidh

Jon Brenner - piano accordion
Colin Cotter - banjo, stompbox
Laurel Swift - fiddle, voice, clogs

The Gloworms play accordion, fiddle and banjo

Gloworms CD "Running Joak" named in the Mojo top 10 folk albums of 2007

Follow the link here for details of our new CD "Running Joak"

"Fabulous, simply fabulous"
- Nick Walden (top ceilidh caller)
"Swings like a ******* ******"
- Gordon Potts (another top caller)
"What a big and satisfying noise"
- Ian Anderson, editor of fRoots magazine
"There aren't many bands I like dancing and listening to, The Gloworms are now one of them"
- A dancer at The Knees Up, Cecil Sharp House
"Rachel Unthank & the Winterset. Lisa Knapp. Tim Van Eyken. Bella Hardy. Mawkin. The Gloworms. These are a few of my favourite things. Inventive, passionate artists who completely understand the nature of their music."
- Colin Irwin, leading world/folk music journalist

The Gloworms are a London-based trio playing exciting reinterpretations of traditional English dance rhythms. They formed in 2001 with the aim of playing bold music that makes a deep connection with 21st century people. The result is cool, subtle music with irresistable dance groove.

Catch The Gloworms soon at a festival ceilidh, dance club or concert venue near you!

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Where you looking for the Glowworms Survey page? It is here. We like this link because it got us featured in the Guardian here!